About Us

Realization makes it easy for organizations to be fast and efficient. We are proud that our clients have realized $5B in additional cash and profits by:

  • Bringing new products to market faster
  • Reducing downtime of aircraft and machinery
  • Building new infrastructure on time
  • Doing more work with the same resources

For these and other results our clients have won a number of industry awards, including the Franz Edelman award for achievement in Operations Research.

Our planning and execution software uses a common sense approach to increase speed and efficiency. Instead of complicated scheduling, it simply limits how much work is released into execution at a time. Less work-in-process means less confusion about day-to-day priorities, less multitasking, and better synchronization. The natural outcome is faster cycle times and higher throughput.

To help you leverage our software fully, we also provide services to design and implement the supporting business processes. If projects are not your core business, but mission-critical nonetheless, you can even insource our project managers.

Founded in 1999, we have been profitable and cash flow positive from Day One. We reinvest our profits to keep making our solutions easier and more effective, leading to a series of industry firsts including:

  • The first web-based project management software
  • The first multi-project planning and execution software
  • The first engineering planning and execution software

Contact us for an executive briefing and find out how easy it is for your organization to become faster and more efficient.