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Value Delivered

Our clients achieve a
20-50% reduction in
turnaround times.

  • $2.9 Billion in increased asset availability
    • Avoided the costs of new aircraft, engines, and spare parts
    • Freed up dock space for more projects
    • Increased plant up-time/production days
  • $114 Million additional revenue per year through increased project throughput
  • $25 Million saved in overtime and labor costs

Our MRO Experience

  • Airframes - Commercial & Defense
  • Line Maintenance
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Oil Refineries
  • Submarines
  • Steel Mills
  • Steam Turbines
  • Component Shops
  • Transformers

How We Do It

MRO projects take too long because of the constant changes in daily work schedules caused by scope creep, technical issues, parts/tools delays and other day-to-day changes. As a result, priorities quickly get out of sync and

  • Required inputs (tools, parts, work cards, etc.) are not available when needed.
  • Bottlenecks form everywhere and mechanics spend most of their shift waiting on these inputs.
  • Execution slows down and projects take longer than they should.

Synchronized Project Management eliminates priority confusion and keeps the entire organization in sync even when ground conditions keep changing. It not only makes coordination easier, but also allows you to execute projects 20-50% faster than before.

Sam is an aircraft MRO supervisor who was always jumping from one crisis to the next. Read his story for a closer look at how Synchronized Project Management helped him out.

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