Business Process Implementation

Business processes and policies can often be bottlenecks to an organization’s ability to execute its work efficiently. An ineffective business process disrupts information flow, undermines collaboration, and ultimately leads to poor decision-making by management. Whether you are looking to improve business processes as part of a software implementation, or because increasing cycle times of the process is driving down revenue, Realization can optimize the velocity of your business processes. Our implementation team, consisting of experts in process improvement, project management, and lean across a variety of environments, will help you:

Identify Business Needs

How does improved execution bring more revenue to the client? Through a thorough investigation of an organization’s goals, strategies, and constraints, Realization can identify the true business needs of the organization and the process improvements that are necessary to support that need. We will build a holistic solution aligned to the need and re-engineer operational processes to deliver maximum value.

Implement, Train, and Measure

Realization is dedicated to being with the client every step of the way during the change process. With a solution in place, we lead the client through the preparation and training leading up to the implementation. Finally, we will advise the client on the metrics to put in place to ensure proper behavior and benchmark effectiveness.

Continuous Improvement

A business process needs to evolve based on the needs of the organization. In fact, many ineffective processes are the zeitgeist of legacy software systems or operational environments. After implementation, Realization will make recommendations on how to sustain the results achieved, and ways to continuously improve the processes so our clients can be successful year after year.

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