Project Execution Office

Many projects start with a perfect plan

Everyone knows what to do and when, project managers know how long the project will take, and CEOs know when they will start reaping the returns.

The problem

Reality does not respect any plan

Tasks take longer, contractors are slow in staffing, vendors are late, approvals are held up, bottlenecks arise, and on and on. Frontline managers respond by resetting priorities for their teams, but those instructions are localized and out of sync with the priorities of other groups.

When priorities are out of sync, people start tasks but cannot finish them. They do not get the inputs they need in a timely manner and are constantly pressured to do “more urgent” tasks first. There is even more confusion as every activity falls behind schedule, and senior managers become involved in fighting fires instead of tackling weightier issues.

Ultimately, projects are late and over-budget and the organization fails to get its expected ROI. You can plan and monitor the execution details all you want, but that doesn’t change the picture.

The solution

Project Execution Office (PEO)

More than just planning and monitoring, Realization's PEO drives execution to keep projects racing to the finish line and keep you in control – even when uncertainties keep unfolding.

Using the Workflow Based Project Management Methodology that is redefining performance standards, we work hand-in-hand with your project team and bring you value above and beyond a traditional PMO to:

  • Keep everyone’s day-to-day priorities synchronized and minimize waste in execution.
  • Design incentives that keep contractors and vendors aligned to one goal: your success.
  • Anticipate upcoming bottlenecks and de-bottleneck the critical work-fronts.
  • Free up managers from the trivial many and focus them on the critical few.

Contact us for an executive briefing and find out how easy it is for your organization to become faster and more efficient.