Realization’s Concerto software helps you optimize project and portfolio delivery. Unlike traditional project portfolio management software that just provides you status reports, Concerto helps you make decisions both in planning and execution to:

  • Help you deliver projects 20% to 50% faster
  • Get 10% to 30% more throughput from your resources
  • Consistently improve on time delivery

Based on the principles of global, rather than local, optimization, Concerto enables all levels of management make better decisions.

  • Executives can confidently choose which projects to pursue in their project portfolio and optimize when to slot the projects in the pipeline
  • Resource Managers can optimize overall resource levels and know precisely where to assign them
  • Project Managers can optimize project plans and keep projects on track in execution
  • Task managers can optimize which people work on which tasks to ensure people are working on the right things at the right time

More than 300 organizations in a wide range of industries have achieved more than $6 billion in savings using Concerto. We and our clients have also won many industry awards including the Franz Edelman award, Shingo Gold, Robert E Fox awards and the US Air Force Chief of Staff Excellence award.

Optimized Pipelining

Optimize the execution sequence of projects based on business priorities, time to market requirements and resource constraints. What-if’s can be analyzed with Concerto in real time with the simple click of a button.

Resource Optimization

Identify the resource shortfalls and which projects are impacted as a result. Concerto’s optimization logic ensures that the constraints are fully utilized before adding capacity on non-constraints.

Project Optimization

Using Concerto’s optimization logic and what-if capabilities, establish project timelines that provide fastest timelines while maximizing overall throughput.

Buffer Optimization

Instead of including buffers in every task, Concerto puts buffers only where they protect the project’s critical path.

Early Warning Signals

Concerto alerts managers to delays that have the maximum impact on project delivery. Mangers don’t have to fight every fire, just the ones that are worth fighting.

Task Management

Using Concerto’s optimized task lists, assign the right resources to the right tasks at the right time.

Executive Dashboard

Quickly find out if projects are on track and, if not, which projects, resources, issues etc. need management intervention.

Are you ready to find out how Concerto can help you plan, prioritize and execute your projects?

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