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Make your Projects come alive.

SMART Project Execution system leverages existing project data to automate scheduling, share forward-looking insights and keeps everyone aligned helping keep timelines and budget in control. 


Drowning in Data

Data and it's sources grow exponentially with the execution of a project, tons of data points, stakeholders, moving parts change constantly in large & complex projects.

The rapid changes in situations render the past schedules, risk analysis, forecasts, budgets and plans of lesser use than intended.

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Desktop preview of the Session app

Project Management 

Moving forward while looking backwards in tricky environments is really difficult. That is how your project management software, and collaboration tools are built.

Project Management Softwares and similar tools mostly talk about the things that have already happened, and fail to inform you about the problems your project can face in the future.

SMART Project Delivery System

Combine SMART Logic + Project Data Points= SMART Project Delivery System. This system leverages your project data in real time, reveal the implications of the changing factors and keeps everyone informed, and on track.

Our customers refer to the SMART Project Delivery System as their GPS for project execution.

Phone with a man using video chat and phone with a chat conversation

Our Features

Key Features

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Automated Scheduling

The system analyses the data points and automatically updates the schedules.

Early Warning Signals

Identification of bottlenecks or problem areas early on helps in mitigation and preparedness.

Keep Everyone Updated

From the Front-line to the Executives, and to the sub-contractors- everyone is aligned.

No Overheads 

SMART Project Software integrates with existing data points- runs on autopilot.

The Crux

Our Customers have Achieved

20% to 40% Faster Execution

Reduce idle time, save time spent optimising schedules. Read the warning signals early on and reduce firefighting.

Enhanced Execution Capability

Front-line knows what to work on and when, Executives know which areas need their attention. All automatically.

Improved  Team Coordination

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"Our critical plate supplies were late by nine months. Our fabrication contractors mobilized only 60% of the required workforce. Yet we finished the shipyard in a record 28 months, only four months late against our ambitious initial goal." PR Prabhu, Larsen & Toubro
"We were able to achieve more than we would typically achieve in that phase, with higher quality and less angst in the organization." Rob Fuller, Siemens Gamesa
"The first thing we saw is that per project, we can shorten the timeline by 20%. We are finishing this year without a crisis in any of our projects. We are delivering in shorter time. It costs us less." Shalom Passey, AMDOCS

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