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Myths & FAQ

Myths The myths surrounding project delivery

“Projects come in late because of factors beyond our control.”

It’s true that you can’t prevent problems from taking place on big projects. But can you mitigate most of their impact? Yes.

Technology failures, and political turmoil get a lot of press, but those aren’t the main culprits. Day-to-day problems cause nearly all the headaches.

The SMART project delivery system helps by prioritizing problems based on their impact on final delivery. And for problems that can’t be solved, it points out how to recover the time lost.


“To deliver projects on time, we have to meet our daily targets.”

We don’t agree. It’s neither feasible, nor advisable. It would be a different world if every task could be done on time. Problems are the norm. Trying to meet daily targets can cause teams to work on non-critical tasks.

The SMART system provides forward-looking information to bring you the right focus. Which tasks to work on, which problems to solve, where to recover delays, and more.


“We can recover delays down the line...”

Some project teams paint a rosy picture by pushing tasks to the right while keeping delivery milestones in their place. But you can’t keep pushing things off to the right. Sooner or later reality catches up.

Instead of hoping for the best later on, the SMART system assures delivery by pinpointing where to act now to get your project back on track.


“To find and address problems, senior managers have to go to the site.”

A manager’s true value on the site is to help keep teams focused and energized.

The SMART system removes the need for digging around for problems and getting status reports, so you can focus on your team.


“All we need is real-time data and we’ll be fine.”

Everyone promises ‘real-time’ updates. But ‘real-time’ isn’t enough. Knowing you are lost in traffic doesn’t really help. You also need Google Maps to tell you what you should do next.

The SMART system works like Google Maps for your project. It’s generated by smart algorithms that make alerts and updates crucial and useful.


“Project scheduling is a low-level, low-impact exercise.”

With software like Primavera and MSP, that’s true. You get complicated plans that are impossible to keep up to date, that only expert schedulers can understand, and that can’t be followed by project teams.

Our SMART data model changes all that. It’s like replacing paper maps and complicated navigation equipment with Google Maps.

Is your project trapped in industry mythology?
FAQs We're often asked these questions:
Is this like other enterprise software? Won’t it require a complete transformation before we can use it?

Not at all. Enterprise software is generally terrible. It rarely delivers on its promise.

Consider the smartphone. Or an automobile, or a television. No one needs a change management program to use those any of those items. The same is true with Google Maps.

The SMART delivery system is just as easy to use. It will immediately focus your project teams and quickly make them proactive.

How can any software bring predictability into the uncertain world of projects?

That is the key innovation we have brought to the world of projects. The SMART data model keeps the delivery roadmap stable, even as the execution details change.

SMART scheduling provides you information you need to stay on track—which tasks to work on, which problems to solve, and more.

What about data? Don’t we need much more precise plans and tracking to get Ready-to-Act Information?

Not at all. If you could get perfect data about what will happen and when, you wouldn’t need our system. Uncertainty comes with all projects.

Our SMART data model and SMART scheduling are designed for the imperfect and the uncertain world of projects.

Can I see a demo?

Yes, we would be happy to show you. The only way to appreciate our innovation is to see it in action. Schedule an executive overview today and see the difference for yourself.

Can I play with it and see if it works?

Yes, absolutely. That’s part of our pilot program. We work with your team to input your project into the SMART Data Model. (All our customers get immediate and useful insights into their projects when we do this.)

Why don’t you show screenshots?

Because screenshots without a discussion about why you can’t get what you need from your current systems haven’t helped. During a demo, you’ll see how the system gives you ready-to-act information.

Can you send me a brochure?

We can, yes. But all that information is already on this website. The next useful step is to schedule an executive overview and demo.

Will it work in my sector?

That depends. Does your sector include complex projects that typically run late and over budget? Our software itself is sector-agnostic but we’ve chosen to focus on MRO, Engineering and Construction.

How much does it cost?

SMART Delivery System is a premium product. It makes sense only when project delivery has real, measurable impact on your bottom line.

Do you use your own product?

Only on complex projects, not on the usual sprints. Our software is for heavy duty applications, large and complex single projects, and multiple projects with shared resources.


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